Scrim Reinforced Fabric Rolls

Scrim Reinforced Fabric Rolls widely used as surgeon s scrub hand towel, tray liner, couch roll, etc | Sustainable Reinforced Fabric Roll, لفات نسيج معززة بالشريم , スクリム補強布ロール,다목적 Scrim Fabric 롤
Product details

This disposable hand towel features a cotton scrim sandwiched between layers, structured as follows:

1. 2-ply paper + scrim reinforcement + 2-ply paper with a weight of approximately 65gsm.

2. 2-ply paper + scrim reinforcement + 1-ply paper with a weight of about 55gsm.


The top and bottom tissue layers ensure absorbency and softness, while the middle scrim-reinforced layer provides strength in both dry and wet conditions, along with increased absorbency and reduced linting.


Intended Use:

- Ideal for surgeon's scrub/hand towel applications.

- Offers maximum absorbency and strength.

- Provides a soft, cloth-like feel.

- Available in 3-ply or 4-ply configurations.



Material Composition:

Front and back layer: Cellulose tissue

Intelayer: cotton scrim

Color:Blue, white
Weight :56gsm-3 ply
68gsm-4 ply
Size & Packaging
OEM available