High Absorbency Waterproof Protective Underpads

Heavy-Duty Absorbent Bed Protector,الوسادة السفلية الفائقة الامتصاص ومقاومة الماء ,高吸収性防水アンダーパッド ,고흡수성 방수 보호 언더패드입니다
Product details


Utilizing advanced micro-diamond absorption channel technology, each disposable incontinence bed pad quickly distributes liquid evenly across its surface, ensuring fast absorption of up to 1500ml.

This innovative design reduces dampness concerns and maximizes the utility of the large 36" x 36" size.

Featuring a robust five-layer construction, these pads provide superior leak protection. The super absorbent polymer core swiftly absorbs liquid, while a hydrophobic waterproof backing sealed on all sides prevents leaks, even under pressure.

Crafted with a soft cotton-feel top layer, each pad is hypoallergenic and dermatological tested for comfort. The low-profile design minimizes rustling noises, ensuring a quiet and cushioned user experience.Designed for durability, these pads maintain their shape and structure, remaining tear-resistant even after use.

This ensures the integrity of the pad, securely retaining liquids and odors, and protecting both the user and bed sheets.These versatile pads are suitable for various scenarios, including incontinence care at home, hospices, or hospitals. They can be used on beds, sofas, chairs, and more.

Additionally, they serve as effective solutions for children experiencing bed wetting and can be used to protect surfaces during diaper changes.

Moreover, these tear-resistant pads are perfect for pet owners, serving as ultra-absorbent puppy pee pads for dogs of all sizes. Their extra-large coverage and high absorbency make them ideal for pet care needs.