Medical Equipment Tray Liner

Paper laminated with PE film, great absorbency Hygienic Hospital Tray Liner, واقي صينية معدات طبية,医療機器トレイライナー,의료기기 트레이 라이너
Product details

High quality tray liner for medical equipment tray liner

Its high absorbency and quick dispersion properties ensure effective removal of condensate during autoclave, enhancing the sterilization process. These sheets come in a clean white color, offering exceptional absorbency and are manufactured under ISO 13485 quality systems, guaranteeing reliability and consistency.


With excellent mechanical properties, it can withstand handling and sterilization processes without compromising its integrity. It is available in various sizes optimized to fit most popular tray sizes, facilitating the wrapping and packaging of medical instruments and devices. Additionally, we offer a bespoke production service, OEM sizes and shapes as per your requirements.