Super Absorbent Underpad

Disposable Incontinence Pad,الوسادة السفلية فائقة الامتصاص ,スーパー吸収性アンダーパッド ,흡수력이 뛰어난 언더패드
Product details

features of this product:

Extra-Large Size & High Absorbency: These disposable bed pads measure 30" x 36" (74 x 90cm) and feature a thickened design with gelling polymer to quickly lock in liquid and keep the surface dry, offering maximum coverage for beds.

Two Adhesive Strips: The pads come with two wide adhesive strips on the back, ensuring they stay securely in place without shifting. Note that the adhesive strips should not be used on wooden floors.

Leak-Proof & Durable: Reinforced with a waterproof PE backing film, these medical-grade pads effectively prevent messy leaks and stains. They are also designed to be tear-resistant and strong.

Soft & Hypoallergenic Material: Made from SSS+ non-woven material, these pads are free from scent, irritating chemicals, and latex, making them gentle on the skin. The premium non-woven top layer reduces friction and skin damage.

Versatile Usage: SOFYFINE pads are ideal for individuals needing extra protection against occasional urine leaks. They are suitable for all genders and ages and can be used in various settings. The goal is to minimize cleaning time and enjoy quality time with family.

Adhesive Strips Options: Available in sizes 30"x36" with options of 10, 25, or 50 pads with adhesive strips, and 100 pads without adhesive strips. Choose according to your needs.

The product aims to provide reliable protection, comfort, and convenience for users, enhancing their daily routines and quality of life.