Nonwoven Bouffant Cap

NON WOVEN FABRIC made and multi-use bouffant cap Non-Woven Surgical Cap,غطاء بوفان غير منسوج ,不織布ブフェンキャップ ,일회용 부피캡
Product details


Experience high-quality protection with our disposable non-woven hats, crafted from premium materials that are odor-free, healthy, and soft, ensuring your peace of mind during use.

Enjoy comfort and breathability with our 100-pack 21" disposable bouffant caps. Lightweight and breathable, they prevent the head from feeling stuffy or uncomfortable.

Our disposable mob caps feature stretchable elastic bands that provide a perfect fit without feeling tight or restrictive on your head.

Versatile and practical, this 100-pack disposable hair net is suitable for use in various settings such as home, hospitals, spas, salons, service industries, and dust-free workspaces, effectively preventing accidental hair loss.

Ideal as gifts, this 100-value pack of disposable hats is a great addition to any home or factory, eliminating the embarrassment of lost hair and promoting a healthy and clean environment.