Disposable Low-Lint Absorbent Dry Wipes

Hypoallergenic and Fragrance-Free,100% viscose composition Disposable Low-Lint Dry Wipes,مناديل جافة قابلة للتصرف غير مسببة للروائح ,使い捨ての低リント吸収乾燥ワイプ,일회용 저보풀 흡수성 마른 물티슈입니다
Product details

Gentle care is essential for cleansing delicate skin to prevent irritation. Our natural soft-spun fabric offers a gentle touch against the skin, requiring only water for use.

Advantages of Cotton Wipes:

Compared to traditional towels, disposable cotton towels prevent bacteria and debris buildup, avoiding rough surfaces that can damage delicate skin and cause redness or acne.

Unlike paper tissue, cotton tissues can be used both dry and wet, maintaining strength even when wet without leaving annoying fiber residues.

Wet and Dry Use: Our cotton towels remain flexible and resistant to deformation, breaking, or forming cotton wadding when in contact with water.

Multi-purpose: These face cotton tissues are versatile, suitable for personal care, baby care, makeup removal, home and office cleaning, outdoor use, and can be reused for added convenience.